Working Artist Collective

Working Artist Collective

If you’re tired of beating your head against the wall trying to figure out how to break through in the Vancouver acting market, it’s time to find your very own powerhouse team.

Imagine being surrounded by a team of motivated, savvy artistic minds working together to ensure you’re attaining your goals and living life of your dreams. Support yourself with personalized coaching and a community that inspires, educates and keeps you on the path toward achieving that next milestone.  

What You’ll Get in the Working Artist Collective:

New Tools and Systems

You’ll receive structures & personalized systems to advance your acting career and your life. Each session you’ll choose the area of focus most important to you, putting you in the driver seat to strategize and develop the most important areas in your journey.  Whether you want help developing the next stage of marketing material, create a personalized system to land your dream agent, or maintaining balance between life and career.

Strengthen Your Business Foundations

You reap what you sow. As your career and life advances you can review and update materials so both you and they stay relevant and goals stay rewarding and active.


You know the pitfalls of trying to be a lone wolf. Have a TEAM behind you to call you out on your shit so you can be your best.

Bi-Weekly Meetings

You have a busy life! You’ll meet every second Tuesday, giving you ample time to put your ideas into action and accomplish your tasks between meetings.  Jump in anytime!

Direct Access To Me

Sometimes it just helps knowing you can reach out to someone to get a quick answer when feeling anxious or unsure.  Someone to check in with before making a tough decision or going into that big audition. Whether it’s through a quick phone call or email confidently take bold actions knowing you have a coach in your corner.

30 minute Private Coaching Session (Bonus)

This one-on-one meeting focuses entirely on you. I’ll help you solidify your path with a thought-provoking and creative process that maximizes your personal and professional potential. You choose the area to work on and I help you explore in ways you didn’t know possible.

Payment Options:

Cash, Credit, Etransfer are accepted (add 5% GST) Credit can be paid by PayPal on the website or in person.

ABC Alumni

Full Payment: $550 plus GST 

Bi – Monthly Payment: $199 plus GST

New Members * Includes a 60 minute pre-program planning session (online or in person)

Full Payment: $795 plus GST 

Bi – Monthly Payment: $325 plus GST

Dates: 12 sessions every second Tuesday. Ongoing class. You choose the start date.  

Times: Evenings 6:30 – 9:00pm

To Get Started: Contact me for a consultation to plan your next steps and get started!

Sucess Stories:

Continuing with the Working Artist Collective, I discovered what it meant to really live a life of design. I’ve connected with a talented team of artists who share their victories and roadblocks in a way that challenges me to examine new areas of my life. In less than two years I’ve achieved goals that I thought would take me 10 years to accomplish. – Laura MacDonald 

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