Working Actors Playbook

Working Actors Playbook

Create traction in your career, connect with the right people, and ultimately book more work

This 12 week series will give you the tools and step-by-step actions designed to propel your career forward with a new sense of empowerment without overwhelm or apology.

When you complete the Working Actors Playbook, you’ll have a functional blueprint designed to help you achieve your next big acting highlight.  You choose the focus over the 12 weeks. For example your goal could be:

  • Staying laser focused and increasing your booking rate.
  • Following through and producing your dream project.
  • Building a solid relationship with your agent.
  • Signing with new representation that feels like perfect match.
  • Finding the balance between your acting career and personal life.
  • Fine tune your marketing materials and stand out.
  • Developing industry relationships with casting and beyond

You’ll have the knowledge and systems in place to confidently navigate your acting profession and beyond!

 Over the next 12 weeks you will receive:

  • Artistic Business Blueprint: Stop wishing and start using a proven framework for success. Each week you’ll fulfill a portion of your blueprint and leverage your artistic talents. Confidently move closer to the bookings you crave and developing the relationships you value.
  • Year Actors Plan: Be the working actor you’ve always wanted to be. Create a detailed, unique-to-you, one-year actors plan broken down into step-by-step actions. Move confidently toward your next big booking knowing you’re on track to reach your goal. No more guessing, no more procrastination.
  • Weekly Action Strategies:  Week-by-week you’ll know precisely what steps to take to keep you on track. Move toward your goals and stay motivated to keep going. Your week is mapped out to have you living more efficiently and grounded. Experience balance knowing you’re on the right path.
  • Time Management Breakthrough: Stop wasting time and feeling confused. You’ll learn how to optimize your days and develop a new relationship with time using productive habit enhancers.  I know.. It sounds super lame, but these systems will save you hours of wasted time each week and help you become effective in multiple areas in your life.
  • Personal Finance Training: Most actors quit because they just run out of money. I don’t want that to happen to you, so I’ll help you take control over your personal finances and operate your acting career with precision. Receive bookkeeping systems to live within your personal budget, stay out of debt, and manage a positive cashflow.
  • Tax Solutions For Actors: You work hard for your money, learn the tax breaks you are entitled to as an artist. Receive digital systems to keep organized tax records, take the stress out of tax season, and keep more of your money!
  • Your Competitive “Hit”: Learn to capitalize on your “natural essence” and set yourself apart from the pack. Become memorable to agents and casting directors once they clearly recognize what you offer. This is what gets you in the door!
  • Production Diagnosis: Study the specific styles of local network productions.  Understand how your natural personality and unique style of acting makes you more “castable” from one show to the next. You’ll feel more confident in the audition room because you’ll have positioned yourself as the expert.
  • Marketing Strategies: Let important people know how amazing you are. Develop a clear and consistent go-to formula to connect with your world. Whether it’s your agent, casting directors, or your fans you’ll be bringing value to their lives and always moving towards bigger work opportunities.
  • Publicity Techniques: You’ll learn multiple ways to stand out and reach people. Whether it is how to design a compelling cover letter, to social media posts that matter, you’ll know how to connect with your desired audience honestly and effectively.
  • Networking Solutions: Forget what you think you know about networking. Learn how to organically connect with people in all situations. Expand beyond your current circle of friends and form industry alliances with the people who matter most.
  • Accountability Teams: Experience accelerated results by committing to an accountability group. In the pursuit of new outcomes, frustrations surface. Support yourself with a powerhouse team to work through your struggles, helping you stay on track all the way to the finish line.

You’ll also receive:

Exclusive ABC Facebook Community!
You’ll have lifetime private access to ABC Facebook group. A trusted team sharing resources, job opportunities, auditions, events and more.

Personal Budgeting & Tax Spreadsheets – Set your budget, track your spending, organize your taxes in one simple place.

Acting Logbook – You can measure what you monitor. This easy to use tool answers and records all the important information and insights to develop and grow your career from past achievements.

Next Sessions:

October 1, 2018 – December 17, 2018

Mondays 10:30am – 1:30pm

Mondays  6.00pm-9.00pm

Investment Options
$895 – Full Investment; or
$325 – Three Installments

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