“Making The Most of Your Headshot Session” Full Interview With Photographer Kristine Cofsky

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I’m always curious about what makes people tick. I’m especially curious as to what makes successful people…well, create their success! What separates them from the pack? What habits do they have? What systems do they use to create their good luck?

Recently I caught up with longtime actress and prominent photographer Kristine Cofsky.

For those of you who don’t know, Kristine has been working in the acting circle for over 15 years. During that time, she’s done it all; Actress, producer, casting. But you’ll most notability recognize her in films such as No Men Beyond This Point, In No Particular Order and the award winning film Cinemanovels. Most recently, you can catch her recurring role as Officer Boyd on the Netflix Original Series, Travelers.

As of late, it’s her work as a photographer that has everyone’s attention. Over the last few years, Kristine has shifted from the spotlight in front of the camera to taking creative control behind the lens, becoming one of Vancouver’s hottest and most sought after portrait and headshot photographers.

As most actors know, having a solid headshot that really speaks to your personality is a major asset and highly sought after. It is your calling card when it comes to the casting process. Actors go out of their way to shoot with photographers that can capture their essence. Kristine is known for her ability to do exactly that, typically shooting 3 people daily with a long waiting list of actors trying to get in the door.

In our recent interview, Kristine shared with me her struggles as an actress over the years, what she wished she knew back when she was just starting out, and how she maintained a busy artistic lifestyle when the auditions weren’t rolling in. She also walked me through how she built up her photography studio and the learning curve that came with it.  

Actors are especially going to want to hear her take on what makes for a great headshot session; how they can prepare beforehand and the necessary mindset that makes for a successful shoot. You can listen to the whole interview below.

Want to just read the recap, I’ve created a simple downloadable cheat sheet that will set you up for your most successful headshot session yet!


Enjoy this peak inside Kristine’s process.


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