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Excellent! Just head over to the “Work with Aaron” page and choose which program you’ll like to get started with. After you’ve registered you will be contacted about our first session.

That depends on the program you choose. Contact us for more details on what is currently being offered.

Most students continue to work with me after completing a program.  Once they begin seeing their accomplishments they use that momentum to build even bigger results. I offer varying programs for you to continue achieving the  goals you desire from your career and life.

Each program is varying in length.  True long term results usually occurs with a minimum 3 month working relationship.

Depending on where you’re at in your career, or the programs being offered, you will either be working in a larger group, a smaller intimate group, or one-on-one private coaching. I always offer a free consultation for new students to discuss which will method will be the best use of their time.

This is always an interesting question.  Most student come to class just hoping for more bookings, which they believe will replenish their bank account. I have had numerous student make back their investment after they have applied their coachings and assignments. However, financial growth has often been a by-product of the new opportunities they have created for themselves after applying specific systems. If you want to focus on an increase of finances, that is definitely something you can put into motion. Your dedication in taking action toward those financial goals will depend on you.

This is going to depend on the individual. If you have experience in this type of coaching you can expect to grasp the work quicker. Typically after a few weeks you can begin to see real results showing up in your life. At a minimum, I suggest working together for 3 months to see long lasting results.  Often, once students begin achieving there goals they want to continue working together to keep the momentum going.

This is best part. Everyones experience will differ from the person beside them.  What works for one person, will be different for someone else. The results you can expect to achieve are the goals YOU bring to the table. If you are committed and dedicated to taking massive action you can trust that you will move with velocity toward your desired outcomes. How specific you are in your goals will prove to be extremely valuable toward your success blueprint. Together we’ll create a formula to achieve and fulfill those goals.

Yes! The students and clients I have worked over the years continue to be amazed how far they’ve traveled in such a short time. They are not only fulfilled with the results they’ve produced as actors, but how they’ve expanded their entire approach to life. I suggest reading the Success Stories for more about the experiences of others.

I choose whom I work with after a consultation. There must be a mutual fit, and a potential student must be ready for this type of work.  If someone is not mentally ready or inexperienced for this level of work, I’ll refer them to someone that can be of better service. If I suspect someone is looking for a quick fix solution, or information to make them famous I won’t be able to help them. I’m not a band-aid solution. I specialize in long term and healthy changes coming from within. This type of work is for people ready to dig deep and take massive action.

My classes and coachings are geared toward highly driven and motivated artists ready to take on challenging areas of their lives. The results are found through the actions taken outside of the classroom. I differ from others because I don’t just provide you with information. If that was the case I’d just tell you what books to read. I provide you with tools and systems to overcome what is stopping you from using what you’ve already read in a book. Success will come from YOU implementing the tools I’ll teach you into your life. REAL TIME LEARNING. Extraordinary results are found when you take yourself out of your comfort zone, allowing for new results and successes to occur.

I’m different from other life coaches because I work primarily with actors and artists. I understand the personal struggles that get in their way on the road to personal success.

I differ from an acting coach because I don’t teach or advise on anything about the craft of acting. Students come to me because they are skilled artists, but still not achieving the fulfilling goals they want out of their profession.  An obstacle is usually standing between them, and personal success. Helping an artist “seize the moment” when they are NOT in character, is where my work begins.

The truth is none of the people I work with NEED me. They all have successful lives and careers. People decide to work with me because they want to build on their successes.  A common habit amongst highly successful people is they recognize to achieve next level status in their business or career they must invest within themselves. When things are GOOD is when you want to be growing and improving, not when the boat is sinking. If you think of any high functioning athlete, or actor, all of them are working closely with a coach to heighten their game. Create a success plan before the ship is sinking so you’re ready when the BIG opportunities present themselves. Strike while the iron is hot!

A combination of my life experiences has put me in an optimal spot to understand and communicate with actors and artists. I have been trained by 2 of the leading personal development and personal coaching facilities on the planet. I have worked and trained extensively in one of the most competitive real estate business markets in the world. I am also a classically trained actor actively in the profession for the past 20 years. I have proven systems to gain results in any area of your life whether it be professionally or personally.

I sure do! Artists are usually multi dynamic and highly skilled in other areas of life. I’ve worked with writers, painters, photographers, personal trainers, models and the list could go on. Coaching does not deal in the external creative elements of peoples lives, but rather the internal structures that amplify the creative spark. I speak through the lens and life of an actor, but my coaching is transferable toward any creative or artistic lifestyle.

I would have to answer that with a no.  My expertise really is with trained actors experienced in the entertainment industry. I work with actors whom are skilled at their craft but are looking for new results. Those new results range in many different areas whether it be business structures, confidence, personal management, excellence, finance, personal development etc. On the exception I will work with newer artists who are self starters and ready to make big commitments toward massive action.

This is always a funny question. It is almost easier to tell you what a coach is NOT. A coach is not a mentor, an advisor, a cheerleader, a counsellor, a psychiatrist, a parent.

Some people assume a coach is like a therapist. That is a misunderstanding, a therapist moves someone from dysfunctional to a functional. I don’t deal in that area. I’m a coach that provides a non judgemental space for a person to find answers within themselves, moving them from a functional space to an extraordinary one.

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