Explaining Your Acting Life To Others

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If you are an actor you have probably had this conversation…

Them“What do you do for a living?”

You“I’m an actor.”

Them“Oh really… what have you been in? Have I seen you in anything?”

You“Ummm….yeah? Maybe?”

That dreadful conversation where you have to list a resume to prove that you’re an actor. Over time, this all too familiar awkward conversation begins to take its toll. The feeling of unless you’ve just booked a lead role on a television show they recognize, they’ll just assume you live in a fantasy world. Often, you’ll just skip talking about your acting life to avoid justifying your career choice.

You know that being an actor is more than just a series of credits. It’s your dream. It’s your self expression. It’s your life as a whole. Being an actor is hard enough; the least you can do is proudly state it.

However, if you aren’t happy with the way you explain your profession, then try restructuring your title to one that proudly reflects all that you do to live as an artist.


Actor Conversation Hack

With honesty, ask yourself these 4 questions. The answers will allow you to become present to the diverse areas of life you contribute to.

1. What methods of income (financially or creatively) support your life? 

– Server, Photographer, Actor, Blogger, Landscaper, Voice Actor

2. How could you describe all of them under the umbrella of one title? 

– Multiple Small Business Owner, Self Employed Artist, Entrepreneur

3. Why are those jobs or actions important to you? 

– I love to be with people. They provide financial stability. I get to use my other talents.

4. Who do those jobs or activities allow you to be?

– They allow me to pursue my acting career. I can explore my dream of being an actor. Be focused as a professional performer.


Create Your Script

Acknowledge and powerfully reframe all the hard work you do to support your dreams. Use your answers in the suggested conversation formula below.  This is just an example; play around with your answers until you have one that really resonates with you.

Them – “What do you do?

You – “I’m asked this all the time. I’m a (Answer 2) self employed artist. I operate (Answer 1) a men’s fashion blog, as well as being a part-time server at Gino’s Restaurant. What I love about each position is they (Answer 3) allow me the freedom to explore my creative side (Answer 4) and pursue my acting career.”


A few others….

I work within a few various job fields to be honest. I work part-time for a really cool landscape company, and at an independent coffee shop. Both are perfect financial supporters while my main focus continues to be on growing my acting career.

I’m a small business owner in the entertainment field. I work as photographer, as well as a part-time acting coach. They’re great because I get to build my own schedule around my demanding acting career.


You’ll notice that these responses open up your conversations. When people are asking you “what have I seen you in,” they are merely just trying to find a relatable subject to discuss.  When you share with them a broader scope of what you do, it allows for a more dynamic discussion. You’ll give people get a greater sense of your life as an artist.

Play around with your new job title and start sharing yourself confidently with the world.

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